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Embark on a journey into the heart of a Western fantasy universe with Dragons Down, a captivating board game that draws its inspiration from the timeless classic, Magic Realm. In this immersive game, you don the mantle of intrepid adventurers, driven by the insatiable thirst for fame and gold, all in the quest to etch your name into the annals of legend.

Your odyssey unfolds within a world ravaged by dragons who left nothing but devastated lands in their wake, beckoning you to explore its enigmatic wilds. Treasure hunters at heart, you'll scour hidden troves for legendary artifacts, embark on epic missions, weave arcane spells, and infuse magic into the very land itself —all while contending with the presence of savage beasts, vicious monsters and, perhaps, rival adventurers seeking the same glory.

Consider Dragons Down as your colossal sandbox of possibilities. Set your own goals or dive headfirst into one of the game's pre-structured scenarios. But tread with caution, for you are entering a realm teeming with peril and promise, where unimaginable wealth and renown await the daring, yet where a single misstep could spell your ultimate doom.

Welcome, brave souls, to the enchanting world of Dragons Down, where destiny beckons, danger lurks, and legends are born.

Adventurer Level: You get the Core Game plus all unlocked core game stretch goals! 

Hero Level: You get the Core Game and the expansion Dragons Down: Desolation plus all the stretch goals unlocked during the campaign!

Legend Level: This level includes the Core Game, Dragons Down: Desolation expansion, and all unlocked stretch goals during the campaign. It also upgrades all the chips in the game to weighted chips! The chips are normally just under 4 grams each, but the new chips will be over 10 grams each! You'll also receive the following add-ons:

  • A second set of custom dice. No worries about passing the dice around the table if you have a second set!
  • Two sets of metal coin upgrades for the gold tokens in the game.
  • Six Dual Layer Hero Boards for keeping your cards and cubes in order.



Here is the link to the most current working copy of the rulebook. This is not a final rulebook, it needs additional editing, graphics, and rule examples. 

We have a working build on TableTop Simulator of the first scenario for you to try before you buy.  The graphics on TTS are not the final graphics for the game. The build only includes the material needed for the first scenario, not for the full game. Here is a steam link for the TTS Workshop module. 

Join us on our Discord server for Dragons Down! We will be hosting events throughout the campaign. There will be live play-throughs, and Question and Answer sessions.  Here is the link for the Discord server.

The Dice Tower with Mark Streed has a quick overview of the game here:


Gaming Rules with Paul did a playthrough with Scott here:


The Undead Viking has jumped into the world of Dragons Down! Watch his video later today!


Scott Has performed a Q & A session which you can check out here:


Scott also has three game-play videos, one solo and two multi-player games:




For our Spanish language friends and fans


Shipping Estimates for the core game are expected to start at $25-30 for USA and will be collected at a later date via PledgeManager. Shipping for the expansion is expected to be an additional $5-7, and each additional add on Item will see shipping increase $2-5 depending on the item. Example: Core Game + Expansion pledge to the USA might look like $25 + $5 or $30.

In addition to the U.S., we also ship parcels "friendly" from warehouses in the UK, Canada and China. We estimate overseas costs might start at $35-45 + VAT/taxes where applicable. Rest of the World rates are expected to start at $49-59 and will depend on volume. This allows us to minimize customs paperwork in those regions/nations. However, we reserve the right to ship parcels from the USA or China if quantities ordered outside the USA are not large enough to facilitate pallet shipments. We will let you know via an update if we ship from the USA and offer invoices to help with customs if need be.

***Due to new import tax laws in areas like the UK and the EU, VAT (Value Added Tax) and/or other regional taxes associated with a backer's country will be added to each pledge in the pledge manager. Based on your location, VAT could be between 15-20%.

Countries/Regions Excluded:  We are not able to ship to Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, South America, Mexico, Reunion, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Egypt, or the Middle East due to high postage prices, and a poor track record of lost parcels. If you live in one of these areas, we recommend using a USA address and having the game forwarded to you via a relative/friend or a postage-forwarding company. We work with different fulfillment centers all over the world to ensure better and more affordable delivery each campaign but none will guarantee delivery to these countries.

Would you like to carry Dragons Down in your store? Contact us at mrbgames.cs(at symbol) We offer keystone pricing, competitive shipping rates, and the ability to order other Mr. B titles and Mr. B studio's titles. The core game may enter distribution six to twelve months after Kickstarter delivery, but the expansion and add-ons will be exclusive to this Kickstarter. Once you back your store will have early access to all pledge levels.

No project could be possible without a team of folks to help us. Dragons Down is no exception. 

Designer - Scott DeMers - Scott has been involved with gaming for as long as he can remember. Outside of board gaming, Scott has a lengthy background in the software industry where he has worked in visualization, data, artificial intelligence, NLP, and video gaming, having founded and started his own video game company. Scott has five published games under his belt, including the acclaimed Hellenica: Story of Greece, Hellenica: Leaders and Legends, Spring and Autumn: Story of China, Realm of Heroes, and Coup d'Etat.  Scott would like to thank the many playtesters who helped fine-tune this wonderful game.

Project Lead and Developer - Sean Brown - Sean has worked in the game industry for almost 20 years, many of them for  Mr. B. Games and Eagle Games as a salesman, co-designer, graphic artist, marketing director, developer, and warehouse manager (many at the same time) since 2006. He has worked on Alien Uprising, Spurs, Realm of Heroes, Zothren Invasion, Posthuman, Days of Ire, Madness at Midnight, WarQuest, Liars Dice, Prospectus, Helionox, Racoon Tycoon, Mosaic, Thunder Rolls, Hellenica: Story of Greece, Spring & Autumn: Story of China, and Diamond Dig as a designer, developer and/or graphic artist for Mr. B. Games as well as the following titles via graphic art, development or co-design work while at Eagle Games: Age of Steam, Age of Empires III, Attack Deluxe, Baltimore and Ohio, Brass, Defenders of the Realm and all of its expansions, Defenders Battlefields, Empires Builder Expansion, I'm the Boss TCG, Incan Gold, New England Railways, Pirate Dice, Railways of the World and all of its expansions, Roll through the Ages, Through the Ages, Tumblin Dice, and Wizards Brew.

Campaign Manager- Ed Bryan- Ed has worked in the game industry for over 20 years, starting as a game store owner, then working in board game sales at a large online retailer, in 2012 he joined Toy Vault as their lead game developer, and oversaw many projects, in 2019 he rejoined Webbed Sphere where he managed Flying Buffalo, Mchezo, and Playthos brands. In 2023 he began helping with Mayfair Games, and joined Sean's team with the merger of Mayfair and Mr. B games. He enjoys tormenting Scott with pedantic changes to the rulebook.

Sales and Production -Mr. B Games- is a publishing company started by Sean Brown in 2005 to publish his own game designs. It has grown to include 4 studios and worldwide sales/production/fulfillment. Mr. B Games has successfully published and fulfilled vast quantities of games both from Kickstarter and conventional distribution channels. With fulfillment centers worldwide and partners across the globe, Mr. B is excited to bring you Dragons Down in the most timely, cost-effective, and efficient manner possible.

Artificial Intelligence  As technology advances so does its use. At Mr. B Games we contract work via humans for art and graphics - Dragons Down is no exception. Our contractors use AI to enhance or improve their work and for us, this is a perfectly acceptable use of technology that allows us to improve quality and the ability to compensate our teams for their work.

Available Rewards:


Hero: Core Game & Expansion

1 copy of the core game with the first expansion, Dragons Down: Desolation, and any unlocked Stretch Goals for the core game or the expansion.

Shipping and applicable tax will be charged through PledgeManager at a later date.


Legend: All In Pledge Level

Get the core game, Dragons Down: Desolation, All the stretch goals, and all the add-ons for the campaign for one low price! Plus we will upgrade the weight of all your chips from 3.8 grams to 10.5 grams!

Shipping and applicable tax will be charged through PledgeManager at a later date.


Adventurer: One Copy of Dragons Down

This includes one physical copy of the Dragons Down board game, plus any core game stretch goals unlocked during the campaign.

Shipping and applicable tax will be charged through PledgeManager at a later date.

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